Tuesday, June 17, 2008

a bribe to blog

hey never thought the the T-shirt of the indibloggers....would cause this...it all began when I just thought let me try this indiblogger t-shirt on sunday evening when i get to do my vegetable shopping at the local unreliable R fresh store at Chintamani, Anna Nagar. And yup I already had a quite a few looks and stares....well well I enjoyed the extra importance no doubt and then reach this mithaiwalla shop in the same locality. My sweet tooth could hold no more for the irresistible fresh sweets on display...and of course as Oscar Wilde said it...I can avoid everything but temptation...and lo ther was the Ras Malaai and I went for it....slurp slurp slurp...twas gone in moments...trust me it was fresh and good...(so for those of yo...in an around Anna Nagar...Balaji's..Mithaiwalla at Chintamani is worth the Ras Malaai!....) and then just as that was gone...my eyes were on the hot jelaybees...and then came the statement from the mithaiwalla owner, a nice Maru bloke who commented on the t-shirt...hey I read the article in the newspapers of your blog group...i bet you bloggers are going great places...(oh ya right..) and ofcourse after all those blah blah blah .....hey I would not mind if you do a write up on the sweets here....and certainly you can have the plate of Jelaybee's free...thats my incentive..I wouldn't mind bribing you guys to put an article about the sweets here on your blogs.... And there I go...wow....that sounds nice...will consider it ...perhaps I will return another evening to your shop and try the Jelaybee's then and something more...:) and our Maru man eagerly agrees to the deal....So there I am with an invite for next Sunday to be at the same Mithaiwalla's shop for a hot plate of Jelaybee's...my bribe....to blog!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Learning to think at problem solving

So there we go with the bloggers going ga ga over the Sudhir's excellent write up on the meet last Sunday. I bet almost everyone of us would have something to add on the meet and me ofcourse ain't an exception, so here I go and thanx to the indibloggers for spurring me to write again am out of the block folks..:) Trust me Ravin, Bala and your team it was a great event. Amidst the impressive line up of events and rains that I so much missed that Sunday evening factually one incident got me keep the thinking hat on for a while at least later that evening and what was that if you'd ask simple it all began with the frantic request of the thunderror (http://thunderror.blogspot.com) and all those dear souls who helped him out with his car. Frankly what amazed me was the approach to problem solving. Almost everyone out there simply thought the best way to get a car (and oh my god this car was an obese fella, a suzuki Swift – grrr..... always felt it was a Renault design on steroids), out of the ditch nay pit nay just another sunken ground left by our chweeto read confused corporation was to lift the god damn car....ooh la la...thats tough man...cant we have some lateral thinking and thats what the situation demanded. So one look at the situation and a brain wave.... fill the sunken ground and get her out. And thats just what we did, stones were brought to give a fillip to the sunken ground below and lo in a couple of moments the obese lady was rolled out in reverse. So thats the moral of the day, the need of the hour is lateral thinking, if only we could address the issue in thoughtful manner with a little difference cant we solve most issues that plague us. Perhaps as one of successful American millionaire business women of the 20th century put it there's nothing better like a thing called a “common sense” approach!

P.S. And hey by the way folks my earlier posting on Halwa bites the dust....its halwa to one and all the shop has closed down...sob ..sob..no more alwa's!!