Saturday, April 2, 2011

Green cover of Chennai, a victim of idiossy and beleagured vision

Cutting off 250 trees in one go! oh my God how easy it is to do so!! by the orders of the Vice Chancellor of the Madras University – Mr. G. Thirvasagam, for the sake of 2 buildings of which one is to host a nano technology dept.!!! Is this the message the so called educationist sends to the academic intelligentia? Could not the dept. of nano technology and the other building come up elsewhere? Or even perhaps if the Guindy campus of the University was so sacrosanct could not 250 trees be transplanted. After all the cost of transplanting a young tree hardly 20 years old does not exceed Rs.5,000/-. Is the University saying that they did not have a budget of Rs.12,50,000/- out of a plan outlay that would have perhaps been more than a Crore of Rupees. How strange and disgusting roles educationists play in our society! And the sad victims of this callous attitude of an educationist are 250 lush young trees in the prime of their existence perhaps in full inflorescence of the early summer and they were all gone for the senseless reasoning of a blackguard Vice Chancellor called G. Thiruvasagam, a name that's a misnomer. Tiruvacagam - the Sacred Utterances – the treatise of Manickavasagar, is put to shame by this act of the so called responsible Vice Chancellor.

Am reminded of G.U. Pope's heart rending translation of a propitiation to the embodiment of Lord Siva:
Grass was I, shrub was I, worm, tree,
Full many a kind of beast, bird, snake,
Stone, man, and demon. 'Midst Thy hosts I served.
The form of mighty Asuras, ascetics, gods I bore.
Within these immobile and mobile forms of life,
In every species born, weary I've grown, great Lord !

Perhaps Mr. G. Thirvasagam should seriously consider changing his name that befits the senseless irresponsible mindless acts that be nothing less criminal. For such men are the bane of a humane society and ostensibly deserve to be condemned by all right thinking persons.

And now for the moot question: Will the blackguard realise the mistake? The answer is perhaps never! These are unscrupulous men with beleaguered vision, well entrenched, supported by the mediocrity and the oligarchy in power. So who cares about carbon footprints? Who cares for green house gases? Who cares about greening the environment where a city (Chennai) has less than 10% greenery? Forget all of them the Vice Chancellor is well settled for life and perhaps the generations that follow!! So to hell with the University, the academicians and the students who deserve to be groomed under his tutelage!!! The living souls in the trees that went down and those many more awaiting the guillotine are mute observers of this brutality nay harakiri in the name of educational infrastructure! What a joke of a University headed by a joker the Vice Chancellor, shame shame and fie upon the rascal for its he who deserves the gallows not the poor mute trees.