Sunday, July 13, 2008

The politicking in Cashmere (Kashmir) and the politics of Ladakh

Finally folks here goes the series of articles on Cashmere and Ladakh. Guess its late no doubt but better late than never.

What to say about Ladakh, the most useless and the most horrible place one could ever decide to reside in. Every guy who is married in the region is a fucker. And every femme who is in this region is a husband fucker, beyond that God alone knows. Politics is something one shouldn't talk about, but I don't know why the guy (chutiya saala) after me wants to write about this topic.

Now how do I escape being a chutiya saala of a comment on an article yet to be written...simple copy and paste my article above his paragraph! Or perhaps am I to maintain the comment and allow you to take the call. Guess the latter is better. And by the way if you wish to know whose comment it is that info will be added soon to this blog either with or without his consent and just as I was typing this he claims to have given consent to a certain degree, so here we go...Hemant – (Bombay) +91-932....... (keep figuring) ha ha...

Cashmere or Kashmir ever since the partition and the infamous accession of its Hindu ruler much to the angst of the Moslem majority is still a pain for the rest of India. May be you could ask is it the politics of appeasement for half a century or is it a case of shortsightedness and the genuine incapacity that plagues this paradise on earth. Apart its geographical beauty, nay remove the beauty and the monetary benefits that the beautiful lass exudes is all over, lo the controversy ends here. So is it the money or politicking in it that this beautiful paradise succumbed to is the moot question. And the answers are there before you for it needs no enlightened discussion to speak on the politics of money and the criminal politician nexus that has added woe to woe and insult to injury in the process of integrating Cashmere.

Where lies the fault? Do Cashmere's have the right to better infrastructure, education and economy just as much those in Jharkand or Tamil Nadu may demand? Or have the people of the valley lost their spirit? Or are they imbecile? Why is the policy of divide and rule still in vogue? What happens to a generation where there is none with values to imbibe from? Secessionism is the answer. For all those of you who perhaps know not lets clear this up 'Nationalism comes from the top and Secession ism arises from the bottom'. When one fails the other opens, this is just what the 20th century has taught us all in clear terms, close the open market you are indirectly patronizing the black market, close one window and another opens. This is not seen in just one part of the world, most of Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and South Asia is a stark example of all that I have been discussing supra. And yet nobody cares, who cares, when the Cashmeree throws up his hands and say Inshaallah! Well according to the latest news the Eygptians do it more often! That apart as I pen this article the Govt. of Cashmere has once again collapsed courtesy the Amarnath land issue, I just dont get it. Well its an election year and the opposition has trained its guns pretty well.

For ever since if I were to look back at the numerous governments that ruled Cashmere's valley post world war 2, most of them have always been nincompoops with little or no development to their credit, alas you cant ask for more in a war torn region. Right from the days of Sheikh Abdullah and Jawaharlal Nehru the chaos continues. These were the men who were supposed to have resolved the identity crisis of Cashmere (lest we forget the very same men need to be attributed to have created the crisis) and till date the referendum on Cashmere's self determination is an issue that none of us can deny and a decision here will never be something that either India or Pakistan would digest come what may! But amidst all this lets not forget the plight of the Cashmeree Hindu who has for long since been forgotten since the mid 87' and into the early 90's. Sadly these Pundits of Cashmere are yet to be rehabilitated and fear to return to their own land. And the issue of Cashmere cannot be solved by the fanatic and fundamentalist zealots as as long as they willfully deny some of their own kin the right to co-exist.

If this be the politicking in Cashmere what about Ladakh? well thats another big story, ever since the Govt. of India decided to give autonomy to Ladakh, perhaps thats one way they could split Cashmere. Bad luck the Chinese anyway have the last laugh for more than a third of land is with the Chinese and they care two hoots to the rest of the world! Yes the autonomous council of Ladakh is supposed to have developed Ladakh into a beautiful tourist friendly region. But then the differences between the successive governments of Cashmere and the council in Ladakh has simply stalled everything good and nice that you and I was supposed to hear of this region. Not a day passes with there being a rift or difference of opinion being publicly stated between the govt. at Srinagar and the council in Leh. And as long these two are loggerheads the politics of Ladakh and the dreams of a million and odd go unabated.