Wednesday, January 21, 2015

cric rasika - U have a future

To all the cricket enthusiasts aka cric raskika's would it be harsh if I said go get a life! Ah well that's how harsh life gets to be!! But then can cricket in itself be a livelihood? For a long time it was just an entertainment that you would picnic over and forget down the memory lane. The 1970's, 80's and 90's, a generation changed et al world over. Like any other sport be it Golf, Tennis or WWF, Cricket today offers a livelihood to be made not just for the players but for the cric rasika too! Yes of course the cricket player gets his fair share of monies for meritorious play and star endorsements. The advertisers & media reach out to a huge target audience to better their prospects somewhere down the line. And what about the cric rasika who god damn it pays for it all!!! Well don't lose heart gaming and betting on cricket is here to stay. Of course it is legal to wager on the sport depending on the skill involved in the West and the South Asia will catch up soon. You Just Wait...:)

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