Wednesday, January 21, 2015

kaattaans of T.N. take over Madras and victimse avenue tree on ECR

It looks like the Kaattaaans aka the rowdyism and corrupt rascals of Tamil Nadu have once again had their sway and the victims are unfortunate trees on the East Coast Road. The ECR until October last year was an avenue worth driving on. Gone are the values that the TNRDC (Tamil Nadu Road Development Company Limited) had put in place under the stewardship of Rohit Modi and Malmarugan. All those 100 plus trees that TNRDC sought to save a life however simple it may be, by transplanting and giving a fresh lease of life on the ECR has gone in vain. Today once again the Highway Engineer - Contractor nexus and corruption has had its sway and the Kaattaans are at it ruthlessly chopping off every other tree on the ECR for it fills their bloody pockets with blood money. Like the bloody Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL), the TRNRDC has chopped off almost 300 plus trees without giving transplantation a worthy thought. Cursed and fie upon those rascals that care not for a life. No wonder these people of Tamil Nadu have a little future ahead of them. God save those voiceless trees.

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